Daiserstrasse 50
81371 Munich

Mobile + 49 (0) 160 842 44 22

Christine grew up in a children's home and has always pursued her dream of working as a photographer.
She studied photography in N.Y.C., Sydney and graduated in 2009 at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. Since then she has been working for renowned magazines and well-known clients.
Currently she lives in Munich with her son & dog and works in Europe.

Selected clients
Bardehle Pagenberg, Boston Counsulting Group, Cut Magazine, Die Zeit, Dummy Magazin, Eltern Magazin, Habibitat, Hyphen Sports, Love kidswear, Manager Magazin, Manitober, Missy Magazine, Neon Magazin, Neon French Magazin, Nido Magazin, No Sports Magazin, Schnittraum, Stella Magazine, Vodafone Stiftung, Widenmayer 16, Wort & Bild Verlag, Zeit Campus Magazin, Zeit Leo Magazin, Zeit-Online, Zita Products, etc. 

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